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10/4/04 The Indian outfit that Quentin and I made while studying the Colonial period.

Recent Happenings

It's hard to believe that summer is actually over already!  Quentin officially began kindergarten at the beginning of September; it has been such fun.  Currently we are studying the Colonial time period with a focus on Native Americans.  One of our favorite activities was making an Indian costume, which consisted of a breechcloth (made of real leather), stone knife necklace (made of a real rock found in our yard), headress (made of leather string and red feathers, a bow (made of a twig and twine), arrows (made of twigs) and quiver (made of an old pair of jeans and leather string).  The fruits of our labor is pictured above.  Isn't he adorable???

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"Father Bless Our School Today"
Father, bless our school today
Be in all we do and say
Be in every song we sing,
Every prayer to Thee we bring.
Jesus, well beloved Son,
May Thy will by us be done;
Come and meet with us today;
Teach us, Lord, thyself, we pray.
Holy Spirit, mighty power,
Consecrate this Lord's day hour;
Unto us thine unction give;
Touch our souls that we may live.
~Author unknown


Character is who you are when no one but GOD is watching.