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With the holiday season fast approaching, we have had several people ask the dreaded question, "so what does Quentin want?"  Each year he seems to acquire more and more "stuff" and, quite frankly, we are simply running out of places to store it.  So, in an effort to scale back a bit this year we are hoping to take a less materialistic route.  Instead of endless toys we are asking friends and family to kindly consider giving Quentin things and/or experiences that will last the whole year through.  Take a peak at his WISH LIST below for some great ideas that he has given us!  Also, for your convenience, the items that are underlined are clickable links so that you may find out more information about those particular items.

Books - Books are always a good choice for Quentin.  He adores being read to and now with him beginning to read on his own the choices are limitless.  Following are ideas for some books that he does not already have. 
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling
Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (please note that this is the true Pinocchio rather than the Disney cartoonized version)
Bambi by Felix Salten (again, this is not the Disney version)
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green
Favorite Medieval Tales by Mary Pope Osborne
Tales From the Odyssey series by Mary Pope Osborne (Quentin LOVES this series.)  The individual titles are as follows:
Book 1: The One-Eyed Giant
Book 2: Land of the Dead
Book 3: Sirens and Sea Monsters
Book 4: The Gray Eyed Goddess
Book 5: Return to Ithaca
Book 6: The Final Battle
Dress-Up Clothes - Also, a very good choice for Quentin, as he has a very vivid imagination and enjoys pretending quite a bit.  He has been especially interested in the Native American outfit and bow and arrow set since we have been studying this particular time period of late.
Swimming Lessons - Quentin has shown a keen interest in learning to swim this year.  Our local Boys and Girls Club offers lessons for his age group at a very reasonable price.  If you have any questions feel free to call me or the Boys and Girls Club directly.  Their information is as follows:
Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club
1 Positive Place
Newark DE 19702
Violin Lessons - This is something that Quentin has been asking for for about 2 yrs. now.  Unfortunately the vionlin itself plus lessons is quite expensive.  There is a teacher very near to our home that I have been discussing various options with.  If you would like to make a donation to the "Finally Get Quentin Violin Lessons" fund let me know as it would be very much appreciated.
Creation Illustrated - This is, by far, the coolest science and nature magazine available.  It is totally and completely based on Biblical creation so there is no need for on the spot editing to remove references to evolution.  The pictures are fantastic and the articles very well written.  Go to their website and click on "Subscriber Info." on the right hand side for more information.
Your Big Backyard - Another good science and nature magazine.  This one offers smaller issues but the pictures and stories are still quite good.  Each issue focuses on one animal and teaches about it through various fiction and non-fiction stories.  The one drawback is that this particular magazine is not Christian based though I have yet to come across any content on evolution or "the big bang theory."  Go to their website for more information.
And, of course, what kind of wish list would it be if we didn't add Thomas the Tank Engine stuff?  Yes, Quentin is still interested in Thomas and, to be honest, we're not anticipating that changing anytime soon :)  Here are a few select items that he does not yet have but has shown interet in.
Thomas Pocket Watch (because he is learning to tell time)
In addition to the Thomas "stuff,"  Thomas will also be visiting the Strasburg Railroad December 3-5.  Quentin went to this once before and, I can assure you, it would make a wonderful early Christmas gift!  Visit their website and scroll all the way to the bottom for ticket information.

Believe it or not Quentin actually does need a few clothing items this year.  If you are interested in purchasing clothes here is a listing of what he is in need of as well as sizes.
white cotton ankle socks - whatever is compatible with a size 10 shoe
sneakers - size 10
rain boots - size 10.5 or 11
plain sweat shirts and sweat pants for bed - size 4T
jeans - 4T SLIM (regulars are waaay too baggy for him in the hips and legs)
khaki pants - 4T SLIM
long sleeve shirts and sweaters - 4T

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