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Again, Again!

by Crissy Fleetwood

June 28, 2003


Open the book

Turn every page

Get to the end

Let’s read it again!


Bunnies Don’t Wear Clothes

by Crissy Fleetwood

June 28, 2003


The bunny jumped up high

The bunny wiggled his nose

The bunny stood up on hind legs

And took off all his clothes.


A Boy and His Bunny

by Crissy Fleetwood

June 28, 2003


The boy creeps down the sidewalk and into the grass

A little brown bunny sits quietly in his path


“Hello, how are you?” says boy to bunny

“Not well at all, I’m feeling quite funny”


“What is the problem; what seems to be wrong?”

“My tummy is rumbling; I’ve not eaten in so long”


Handing the bunny a bunch of orange carrots

He asks, “Will you join me for lunch on the terrace?”


Children Playing

by Crissy Fleetwood

June 10, 2003


Children playing, charming and sweet

Sounds of laughter can’t be beat


Children jumping, hop hop hop

Jump up high and then go plop


Children spinning round and round

Woozy, dizzy touch the ground


Children racing, who will win?

I will, I will they all grin


Children skipping with a rope

They’ll play Miss Mary Mack I hope


Children dancing merrily about

Twirling and tapping until they’re worn out


Children singing gaily in tune

It’s been a busy afternoon!


The Big Gorilla

By Quentin Tyler Fleetwood

*Quentin's interpretation of how a house around the corner from us blew up several years ago just before he was born.



The gorilla ate a tree first and then went to blow the house up and then ate another tree.  Afterwards he ate the smoke and that burned him up.  All of the other people set the gorilla on fire with a pencil.  The gorilla went to jail and then got out of jail.  He went into an old, empty house that he blew up a long time ago.  There were no people there anymore so the gorilla moved in.  First he worked on the computer and then he sprayed water all over the walls while he was sitting on the chair.  Then he ate his dinner in the chair and then drew a picture of when he was in the policeman's throat when he went to jail.


The Day the Fish Left the Ocean

*sequel to Finding Nemo starring Nemo, Bruce and the "big scary monster with yellow eyes"

By Quentin Tyler Fleetwood



This story is about a fish named Nemo and a shark named Bruce.  One day Nemo climbed out of the water and went into a house.  Bruce the shark came out too and walked slowly to the house that Nemo was in.  Next a big scary thing with bright yellow scary eyes followed them out of the water and followed Bruce into the house.  The scary thing with bright eyes lit up the dark house.  He saw the kitchen and then saw Bruce eating a feast.  Then he saw Nemo washing himself in the sink.  Nemo quickly got out of the sink and climbed onto a plate grabbing a fire hose and spraying the bright yellow monster with scary eyes.  The bright scary monster ran out of the house while Bruce jumped off of the chair and grabbed another fire hose and helped Nemo spray the monster.  They ran faster and faster like an elephant after the monster spraying him all the time.    

Character is who you are when no one but GOD is watching.